95% of donations goes to women in Nepal

What the women say...
Nepalese woman for quote 1

“My husband used to tell me who to vote for; now I tell him that I can read the names and will choose who to vote for myself”.
Nepalese women for quote 2

“When I went to town I was embarrassed to ask someone where the doctor's was. Now I can read the signs myself”.
Nepalese woman for quote 3

“I feel more confident when communicating with others, introducing myself to people, and I can write letters and keep records in my home”.

WELNepal – Introduction

Over and over we see how literacy and education can positively impact the lives of women, their families, and their communities. Learning to read and write imbues a woman with self esteem and allows her to hope and plan for a better future for herself and for her daughters. Literacy does not just open doors, it obliterates barriers.

For more about WELNepal’s history and achievements in Nepal continue here...

is the foundation Literacy - Women at blackboard
supplies the building blocks Education - Teacher at front of class
lead the next generation Scholarship - girl holding book
Income Generation
creates independence Income Generating - women planting seeds in bed
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